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Get More Doing Less

And Yes, I am talking about Yoga.The health benefits of Yoga is above all forms of medicines and I recommend Yoga to most of my patients for most diseases.Most diseases can be cured or symptoms can be subsided just by altering some of the unhealthy habits and daily routines.I have also seen that Yoga works more effectively in Psychosomatic conditions like Psoriasis, anxiety, joint disease,headaches, heartburn, migraines, various skin diseases, high BP, low back pain which are equally related to everyday stress and tension. Yoga helps as a form of psychotherapy in those individuals and acts by soothing and calming down their mental discomfort to a great extent.For those who wish to a life free from any diseases should practice Yoga regularly.Just a 30 minute Yoga session per day with the main 5 Pranayamas and 7 Yogasanas, along with a healthy diet, we can abstain from many diseases and live a long life.That is why it is said about Yoga , that "Get more doing Less."

Top Ten Home Remedies to treat Pimples and Acne

Almost everyone of us have had suffered from Acne and Pimples at one time or the other in our life. Many of my readers have been asking to put a post on this topic for quite sometime.So here it is for you. The exact reason for the breakout of Pimples are not yet identified, yet some of the probable reasons are excess oils, androgen and heredity. In Ayurveda, it is considered to be a disease which lets you down emotionally.In fact it does. It has occurred to me and most others who are reading this post right now.But no need to worry anymore, you can follow these simple steps and have an acne-free skin. Drink lots of water. This removes toxins out of your body and helps in transporting nutrients within the body, thus giving you a healthier looking, glowing skin.Apply very much diluted distilled vinegar at the areas of acne breakouts.Allow it to stand for 5 minutes and then rinse off.Apply freshly squeezed diluted lemon juice on your face for 1 minute and rinse off. Do this in the morning…

Indian Spices Can Cure Dementia

Today, September 21 is recognised as World Alzheimer's Day.

Five Ways to Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

11 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga Everyday

Yoga is not only for supermodels, actors, pop stars and athletes.Yoga is meant for everyone of us.There is no constraints of sex, age or health to do yoga.
The following are the reasons why we should do Yoga and make it a part of our daily life:

Yoga gives instant benefits like instant relief from stress and tension.Yoga replenishes energy and Rejuvenates our body and mind.Yoga fills us with positiveness and creativity.Yoga is the easiest way to lose weight, stay fit and healthy with a flexible body.  Yoga is safe for the body since it does not put our body to too much strain like other forms of exercises.You do not need any equipment to practice Yoga, the only thing you require to do Yoga is You.Yoga tones and strengthens the respiratory system, thus helping to breathe with ease, increases the vital capacity and increases the amount of oxygen  taken in, which is directly proportional to well being.Yoga improves the efficiency of various physiological processes in our body like digestio…

7 Simple Yoga Postures to do Everyday for Better Health

In today's hectic life, taking out one hour from daily routine is difficult and daunting to many. In fact, it is not that difficult as you think.All you need is a bit of motivation and will. Motivation should come from within. If we cannot devote an hour of the day for taking care of ourselves, what is the point in living? We should live with our whole heart, enjoying life, and taking care of our body and mind. What else in the world brings you so much joy and well being for both the mind and body, than an hour of yoga? So lets take out sometime from our busy lives and pamper our self with the best form of rejuvenation, that is Yoga. Here I have listed out for you,7 important Asanas that you have to do everyday for maintaining health. I can assure you, from my own experience, that these postures can work wonders for you in maintaining health, improving the flexibility of body, and improves concentration of the mind.

"Don't Drink Milk especially when you have Cough or Cold since it makes Mucous!"???

Really? Is it so? Does drinking milk aggravates cold and cough? Does it makes mucous in plenty, that you get blocked nose and sore throat?
Well, the answer is "No."There is scientific evidence to prove that there is absolutely no relationship between these two. Milk is said to be a complete food, in fact it is, especially for children since it contains calcium and vitamins required for their growth. Milk should be given everyday to children for health and stamina and there is no reason whatsoever to believe that it aggravates cold and cough.

Health News of the Week (17th September 2011)

This week's health news is from ABC News. It says Breast Cancer and Cervical cancer are on the rise globally.The number of new cases have almost tripled in the past one year. Almost 1.2 million new cases have been registered worldwide last year.
The study also shows  that breast cancer and cervical cancer contributes to more deaths in women than childbirth in sixty of the world's poorest countries mainly in South Asia and East Asia.

4 Ways to Prevent or Delay the Onset of Diabetes

The onset of Diabetes ( Type 2 ) can be delayed or prevented by implementing a few changes in your lifestyle. These simple measures, (as proposed by World Health Organisation), helps you a great deal in preventing diabetes and its complications.

8 Tips for Cooking Healthy Indian Food

Traditional Indian food has more health benefits that most other cuisines because it makes use of whole grains, spices and vegetables, but it should be cooked with the right amount of the right oil.Oil in any form , be it coconut oil, or sunflower oil is harmful for the body.Usage of oil should be cut down as far as possible in the daily diet.Olive oil and Canola oil are said to be safe for the heart, but the real fact is yet to be proven.
I have listed out a few options for making meals tasty and satisfying yet remaining healthy.
Olive oil is found to reduce cholesterol but should be used only for stir frying and pan frying. It is not recommended for deep frying.Change the menu and cook those dishes and breads that require no frying and lesser amounts of coconut products.For adding richness to a dish, try using skimmed milk or cashew nuts paste instead of the regular coconut milk or cream.Using a non-stick cookware can help you to limit the use of oil.Limit the use of egg yolks.Try to …

Tips to Reduce Cholesterol levels in Indian Diet

Indian food is liked throughout the world for its richness and taste.Most often, oil is an indispensible ingredient in Indian food.
It has been found that Indians get heart diseases 5 years earlier than the Europeans because of their oil consumption.Meanwhile,  Indians are  less prone to Alzheimer's disease and Cancer than the people in the West because Indians use more spices. 
Here I have listed out for you some changes you can make to your diet for keeping heart healthy by reducing the amount of cholesterol in your daily diet.
Foods to be avoided/restricted
Deep fried sweets and snacksOils like palm oil and coconut oilMilk products like cream, butter, ghee, mayonnaise, cheese,full cream milk, full fat yogurt,evaporated milk and condensed milkNon veg foods like red meat, hamburgers,shrimps and liverFast foodsCoconut fresh and desiccated, and coconut milkOther stuff like doughnuts,pastries and ice creams.Foods that can be eaten
Eggs can be eaten 3 times a week, but only one per day.Ve…

Green Tea for Losing Abdominal Fat

In my previous post, I had given a note about the health benefits of green tea.Now let us find out how green tea helps us to lose belly fat. 

The fat around the tummy area is a major concern among men and women alike.It has been found that Green tea can help you lose the abdominal fat.

The phytoproteins present in green tea known as Catechins act upon the the enzymes that digest fats and thus helping in better fat fat digestion and thus losing weight.Only lesser amounts of fat will be absorbed and more fats will be eliminated by the action of these Catechins.As more fat around our stomach and intestine is burned, it will create a phenomenon called thermogenesis by which more heat will be generated.Hence by just drinking green tea you can lose almost a pound a week.

With a simple diet low in sugar and carbs, Yoga or any form exercise for an hour and one or two cups of green tea a day will work wonders for you and helps you to lose considerable amount of fat from your body, especially that…

6 Reasons to Drink Green Tea Everyday

Green tea is the new kid in the block.Many of my friends have asked me to post about Green tea.After having researched about green tea for a while, I have come to a conclusion that, green tea indeed helps in losing weight. For those who hate the taste of green tea, there are many flavored green teas available in the market today.Recently I tried a berry flavored green tea which was simply superb.Now coming to the good effects of green tea,it has a lot more useful nutrients than any conventional tea.It contains a certain group of phytoproteins called catechins which makes it stand out among all the others.These catechins act against free radicals which are the precursors of various health hazards in our body including cancer and heart disease. The following are the health benefits of drinking green tea According to recent studies, one cup of green tea can can lower your chances of getting high Blood Pressure by about 80%Reduces cholesterol and makes the arteries clear and free from blockI…

All About Antioxidants

Take this.This contains antioxidant.Take that.That contains antioxidant.
Eat this.Eat that. All about ANTIOXIDANTS !
Well, well, well, what is the hype all about?
What is actually an antioxidant?
An antioxidant is defined as a molecule that inhibits oxidation of other molecules.Fresh fruits and vegetables have plenty of antioxidants that protect our body from heart diseases and cancers and also help in repairing damaged cells of our body.Antioxidants include various nutrients like beta carotene,Vitamin C, Vitamin E,Lutein, Lycopene and Selenium.They neutralize free radicals.How do antioxidants work?
Just like a piece of cut apple turns brown due to oxidation when kept in room temperature, antioxidants act against free radicals in our body.If we apply some orange juice ( rich in antioxidants ) on the cut area of the apple, it prevents the apple from browning.This is actually what goes on in our body also. Free radicals are like the small cracks and potholes on a road.The antioxidants works …

The Aftermath of Celebrations

Last week witnessed two of the most important festivals in the world, Ganesh Chathurthi and Eid al Fitr.I hope all my readers and friends had a wonderful Eid and Ganesh Chathurthi. One whole week of celebrations is finally over.Everyone of us have got back to our monotonous way of life, by getting up in the morning, going to the office, coming back in the evening, and sleeping to wake up the next day thinking "When will it be weekend!?"
For most people including me, festivals are not only occasions of family get-together, new clothes,music parties and gifts distribution.They are also a celebration of food. No festivals in the whole world is complete without food.We indulge in grand meals through out the day, eating lots of sweets until our stomach literally bursts.
This time things have gone over the top for one of my friends as she was literally crying when she called me up today morning.She was terrified at the weighing machine for showing 3 kilos more than what she was a we…

Simple Ways to Tackle Neck Pain

Here I am discussing simple ways to tackle neck pain that arises due to over- straining the neck. These days neck pain due to strain is considered to be more of a lifestyle disorder. Neck pain due to straining usually occurs due to nerve compression or muscular tightness resulting from repetitive occupational motion, incorrect posture, sitting for long hours in front of the computer, low desk height, etc. Most often this pain is not only confined to the neck but to the shoulders and arms also.

The following are the simple ways to tackle neck pain due to straining.
Rest.Give your neck enough rest by taking a short while to lie down or walk between work.Say no to pillows.Pillows should not be used while sleeping even if it is a modern ''medicated neck pillow'' available in the market these days.Change the chair.A chair which has a low back and no armrests can not only strain your neck but also your upper back. You must use a chair with a high back and good armrests to av…

How to Walk Correctly for Weight Loss?

In my last post I had mentioned about the health benefits of walking. Here I am posting the best posture to walk and how to walk properly for weight loss.
As I had already told you, 30 minutes of walking a day, helps you to keep your weight steady while 45 minutes of brisk walking makes your lose a great deal of weight without having to make any changes in your diet.
So what are you waiting for? Hit the road and walk your way to better fitness and weight control by walking in the correct way as mentioned below:
First things first, wear a pair of sturdy athlete's walking shoes.Shoulders should be relaxed and kept back and downChest slightly pushed forwards and tummy in.Keep your elbows bent at 90 degrees.Keep your head straight and look straight ahead. Swing your arms backwards and forwards.But keep them close to your body.Keep your steps long and far. Heels should touch the ground first and then the toes.Walk briskly; as briskly as possible.Take deep and normal breathing.Last but…

8 Reasons to Walk

Walking should be made a part of our daily routine for maintaining health because of the following reasons.

Walking helps in weight loss.Walk 30 minutes a day to maintain health and prevent weight gain.Brisk walking for 45 minutes a day helps you to lose weight remarkably without having to change your diet.Walking helps to prevent Diabetes.By walking, the pancreas that produces insulin gets activated and hence prevent Type 2 Diabetes.Walking gives strength to your heart muscle, bones and brain.Walking helps to combat depression, anxiety and stress.Feeling low?  Go for a walk.Walking helps in better hair growth and prevents hair fall.Sweating of head improves blood circulation in the head and activates hair follicles, thus helping you to have healthy hair.Walking helps to prevent colon cancer and breast cancer.Walking brings down High Blood PressureWalking gets you a good sleep and makes you feel better and more energized.

Fruits and Veggies that prevent Cancer.

A list of a few healthy food stuffs which are found to prevent Cancer.

CabbageBroccoliSweet PotatoesGreen PeasGrapesWatermelon Grapefruit

How to Take Care of your Heart and Prevent Heart Diseases

Excerpts from an interview with Dr.Devi Shetty,a well known (Heart Specialist) from India.
Q: How should we take care of our heart?
Ans:1. Diet - Less of carbohydrate, more of protein, less oil
2. Exercise - Half an hour's walk, at least five days a week; avoid lifts and avoid sitting for a longtime
3. Quit smoking
4. Control weight
5. Control blood pressure and sugar
Q: Is eating non-veg food like fish good for the heart?
Ans: No

Q: It's still a grave shock to hear that some apparently healthy person gets a cardiac arrest. How do we understand it beforehand?
Ans: This is called silent attack; that is why we recommend everyone past the age of 30 to undergo routine health checkups.

Q: Are heart diseases hereditary?
Ans: Yes

Q: What are the ways in which the heart is stressed? What practices do you suggest to de-stress? Ans: Change your attitude towards life. Do workout and eat healthy.
Q: Is walking better than jogging or is more intensive exercise required to keep a healthy heart?