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Coron Virus Prevention Information

Here are a few legit links which are authentic and reliable.
1. To know the current status of corona virus spread across the globe, click the link below:

2. Prevention Tips

3. Myths about Coronavirus

4. When & How to Use Masks

How I changed from "Shy" to "Outspoken"

I was never this happy, energetic, outgoing, person that you see today! It took years of work, I must say, to come out of my shell. Though my work spoke enough for me, my personality was of this shy person who was not confident enough to talk to a group of more than 2 people. 
In meetings, I never opened my mouth, never asked a question, due to the innate fear of rejection. 
Years later as my career progressed, I was faced with situations where I had to open my mouth and speak for myself. I realised I was losing out on many frontiers of my growth, if I never spoke. 
I realised no one would do this for me, unless I take the steps myslef to become a better version of me
I made a plan and started with baby steps
In work meetings, I made it a thing, to speak at least two sentences. Trust me, it was a struggle to get myself to do even that, trying to build the confidence I never had
In college I sarted asking questions to professors even though they were silly, just to participate, to overcome m…