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How Strength Training Helps to Prevent Diabetes

Very rarely do we consider muscle as an organ. But no mistake, it is an organ. Muscle is not just 'dumb meat' that we think it is about, it plays a lot of active roles in maintaining health. The more we have the better. Muscle cells have a high concentration of mitochondria ( the energy house of the cell). So the more muscles we have, the more potential we have to make energy

Interleukin 6 which is a kind of chemical messengers called cytokines help to reduce inflammation in the body. These interleukins are released in good amounts with every muscle contraction we make. Hence every muscle contraction we do at the gym is an anti-inflammatory signal to the body.

As you know, every single disease in the modern times is caused due to inflammation and strength training is the quick fix solution for it.

Strength training along with high-intensity interval training helps switch off the inflammation in the body.

When you have diabetes, strength training is the best treatment which mak…