11 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga Everyday

Yoga is not only for supermodels, actors, pop stars and athletes.Yoga is meant for everyone of us.There is no constraints of sex, age or health to do yoga.
The following are the reasons why we should do Yoga and make it a part of our daily life:

  1. Yoga gives instant benefits like instant relief from stress and tension.
  2. Yoga replenishes energy and Rejuvenates our body and mind.
  3. Yoga fills us with positiveness and creativity.
  4. Yoga is the easiest way to lose weight, stay fit and healthy with a flexible body. 
  5. Yoga is safe for the body since it does not put our body to too much strain like other forms of exercises.
  6. You do not need any equipment to practice Yoga, the only thing you require to do Yoga is You.
  7. Yoga tones and strengthens the respiratory system, thus helping to breathe with ease, increases the vital capacity and increases the amount of oxygen  taken in, which is directly proportional to well being.
  8. Yoga improves the efficiency of various physiological processes in our body like digestion, assimilation, metabolism, and elimination of waste products in our body, thus making us healthy and less vulnerable to many diseases.
  9. Yoga helps you to have better sleep.
  10. Yoga helps to look inwards and understand that God lies within all of us, and helps us to get a higher degree of inner peace ad tranquility
  11. Yoga is FUN!


  1. very informative & healthy post.
    well written

  2. ooh wow...i was always wanting to read a blog upon yoga..i hav been doing yoga since childhood(though with discontinuity)...i wud love to follow ur blogs.i can feel the essence of ur blogs lady!
    yoga is fun !

  3. Thank you chitra, sujatha , Nona and Pramod

  4. but this needs a trainer na? the way people do it, i am scared to do it at home :(

  5. maybe its time to reduce that extra weight! :) nice!

  6. Informative! I loved the FUN part!

  7. Yeah you should always do it with the help of a trainer @Sawan

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