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How I changed from "Shy" to "Outspoken"

I was never this happy, energetic, outgoing, person that you see today! It took years of work, I must say, to come out of my shell. Though my work spoke enough for me, my personality was of this shy person who was not confident enough to talk to a group of more than 2 people.  In meetings, I never opened my mouth, never asked a question, due to the innate fear of rejection.  Years later as my career progressed, I was faced with situations where I had to open my mouth and speak for myself. I realised I was losing out on many frontiers of my growth, if I never spoke.  I realised no one would do this for me, unless I take the steps myslef to become a better version of me I made a plan and started with baby steps In work meetings, I made it a thing, to speak at least two sentences. Trust me, it was a struggle to get myself to do even that, trying to build the confidence I never had In college I sarted asking questions to professors even though they were silly, just to participate, to overc

Honey When Warmed Turns Poison!

Love your honey lemon tea much? It's time to rethink! During my university days, after classes, me with my bunch of girl friends would stop at  @fillicafe  to chitchat and have our favorite zaafran teas with milk, sugar, and their secret zafran recipe with saffron, cardamom etc ( #drooling😋 ) . While all of us ordered zaafran tea, one of my friends would order lemon tea with honey and mint. I used to tell her the same “dont drink this poison” and she never ordered it again. . During my 5.5 years of university doing BAMS( Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery- yes it IS a helluuva long course) we were taught a million (yes, a million) times about the goodness of pure honey and its various benefits if used both externally and internally. . Externally, warmed honey is used in  #vasti  - an Ayurvedic detox treatment for cleansing the gut, to alleviate many diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, disc bulge, for pain and inflammation etc. . But internally, Ayurveda war

Keep the Summer Heat Away with Wheatgrass Juice!

Here is the ultimate summer juice recipe with wheatgrass! Why wheatgrass? detoxifying nutritious cooling anticarcinogenic high chlorophyll content highly alkaline keeps hormones in check benefits women with hypothyroidism Lowers triglycerides Improves immunity How does it taste? Slightly bitter, a little sweet. (I love bitter taste though. Bitterguard/ Karela/ Pavakka is my favourite vegetable 🤭😃) What are the ingredients? Carrots - 2 Orange - 1 Fresh wheatgrass (not powder) - a bunch Cucumber - 1 Mint - as per taste Blend well & enjoy.  Do not juice the grass in the blender for a long time as it will oxidize and taste even bitter. To make it  #extraAF , add a piece of Ginger! 🤪

DIY Vitamin C & E Serum for Dark Spots

Have you ever dreamed of skin that is glowing and without dark spots? With a little effort, and without spending a lot on expensive products, you can achieve the skin of your dreams! Why Vitamin C & E? Vitamin C is the single largest water-soluble vitamin & natural protector for the skin against sun damage. Vitamin E is lipid soluble and is rich in antioxidants, fights all those free radicals. Both make skin glowing, clears dark spots and evens complexion! When to apply? This serum should be applied in the evening, after cleansing & toning, before applying moisturiser. Remember to wait 2-3 minutes before applying moisturiser. Apply a good sunblock at SPF in the mornings. How to store? Store in blue/brown bottles in a cool place and use for a week. Make a new batch every week. How to apply? Apply every night, all over the face, neck, and back of the hands.  Do not apply over eyelids, around the eyes, and on the lips. Ingredients? L

I Tried Intermittent Fasting For A Month And You Will Be Surprised To Know The Results

I have always been that morning person with a set routine: wake up early, read a newspaper, go for a run and then to work. Since a young age, a wholesome breakfast with eggs, fruits and cereals has been the centrepiece of my morning. I, like most, have always subscribed to the notion of starting the day with a hearty breakfast. So intermittent fasting was going to be a big shock to the system! You may have heard about intermittent fasting (IF), it is gaining traction in world media and with several medical thought leaders. Having worked with a community of thought-leaders in health and wellness, I was aware of its benefits and happily advised my clients to try them - but was always reluctant to do it myself! To put it simply, IF means you only eat during a particular window of time - this is usually an 8-hour period. The typical day starts with black coffee, tea or water and you have your first meal at around noon. The last meal of the day will be at 8pm if you are aiming a 16 hour

How Strength Training Helps to Prevent Diabetes

Very rarely do we consider muscle as an organ. But no mistake, it is an organ. Muscle is not just 'dumb meat' that we think it is about, it plays a lot of active roles in maintaining health. The more we have the better. Muscle cells have a high concentration of mitochondria ( the energy house of the cell). So the more muscles we have, the more potential we have to make energy Interleukin 6 which is a kind of chemical messengers called cytokines help to reduce inflammation in the body. These interleukins are released in good amounts with every muscle contraction we make. Hence every muscle contraction we do at the gym is an anti-inflammatory signal to the body. As you know, every single disease in the modern times is caused due to inflammation and strength training is the quick fix solution for it. Strength training along with high-intensity interval training helps switch off the inflammation in the body. When you have diabetes, strength training is the best treatment wh