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Which one is better? Fruit Juice or a whole Fruit?

Obviously, the fruit. When we squeeze and strain fruits to get juice, all the fiber content in the fruit will be lost, leaving only the sugary water behind. At a time, we may take only a single apple, but when we make apple juice, we will squeeze in 3 apples at least. This juice, if we drink, will lead to sudden increase in sugar levels. It has been found that people who drink fruit juices regularly are 50 percent more likely to get Diabetes than those who eat whole fruit.So next time, eat an apple instead of apple juice.

Eat Healthy, Lose Weight !

Since my friends have been constantly asking me for a post related to natural way to diet and lose weight, here I am posting another article on weight loss.

Breakfast is the most important meal in a day. It stores all the energy that you require for the whole day. You can have a fruit, some sprouts and a glass of skimmed milk, for a good breakfast.It has been said that you should "Eat Breakfast like a King, eat Lunch like a Prince and Dine like a Pauper". Breakfast replenishes the cells of the brain and aids in better thinking and concentration. A good breakfast prevents binge eating during the day.

Ayurveda says that our stomach is divided into 3 compartments.When we eat, we should fill one portion of the stomach with food, the next portion with water and leave the 3rd portion of the stomach empty. We should always remember this golden rule whenever we eat our lunch.Have a low carb lunch.Indians eat more rice during the lunch, which has be avoided fo…

Are you Depressed?

Feeling of helplessness, hopelessness and worthlessness?

If you think you have these three problems, then you probably have a depressed state of mind. Look at the mirror.Do you see horizontal lines on your forehead irrespective of your age? Angles of your mouth pointing downwards? You are two steps closer to depression. But wait, I have the solution.

Every one of us get sad emotions in our day to day life. This is different from depression which prevails for a longer period of time than the former.These sad emotions can be tackled easily by implementing these changes in your lifestyle.


Exercise is actually a treatment , something like a spa treatment, or rejuvenation therapy, or rather a gift, probably the best gift you can give your mind and body. It can be anything like yoga, skipping, cycling, running, or your favorite sport , or working out at the gym. Exercise triggers the endorphin levels which raises your overall mood, making you feel happier and optimistic about lif…

Better Digestion, Better Health!

Better digestion means better health. It is easy to speed up your digestion if you take a little bit care.

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.
It is so correct when it comes to your stomach related ailments. Apple juice and lemon juice, (freshly squeezed the better), both have a cleansing effect on your digestive system. It is advised that you drink these juices before breakfast to cleanse and condition your digestive system for the whole day.

Any food, if you chew really well, speeds up the process of digestion manifold. So next time you have your lunch, sit in a corner of the room, take time, and chew well and enjoy every bit of the food until it melts in your mouth.

Avoid Cold drinks.
I have heard people, even the well read and the learned too, saying  that Cola is given along with junk foods, for aiding digestion.This is the biggest blunder I have ever heard. Any meal, when taken along with cold drinks, slows down the process of digestion.If it is very important to dr…

The Easiest Way to Lose 2 Kilos a Week

I can give you the answer in just one word: BREATHE !

Yes by breathing , and just by breathing, you can lose two kilos per week. All you need is a bit of patience and 10 minutes of your valuable time per day.

Kapalabhathi Pranayama is a breathing exercise with the help of which people who wish to lose weight can lose weight while those who are underweight can easily gain weight. This Pranayama basically harmonizes the body. It balances the whole body and brings our body to a very healthy state which is optimally suited for your body.

Now lets see, how to do Kapalabhathi Pranayama.
Kapala in Sanskrit means face and Bhati means glow. If you do this Pranayama regularly, you will get a glowing skin.

In Kapalabhathi Pranayama, we have to breathe out.
Sit straight in Sukhasana/Padmasana, eyes closed and hands in chinmudra, inhale deeply and exhale forcefully, each exhalation lasting for just one second,leaving one second gaps in between.

Keep breathing out continuously and maintain the same…

How to Avoid Gas Trouble

Gas trouble, indigestion, stomach pain, stomach discomfort, belching, constipation , all connected terms, we hear from someone or the other around us, on a day-to-day basis, or experiencing yourself every other day or alternate days. Trillions of people in the world are facing the same situation at this very second.It can be due to many resons starting from improper food intake to deadly cancer.But with a little care and patience, you can easily tackle this problem once and for all.

In Ayurveda, it is said that "roga sarve/pi mande agnou" .It means that all diseases in the world are due to improper agni or digestive fire.Hence, simply by treating your agni, most of your diseases can be cured.A little bit care, can do wonders and keep your body healthy and poised.

Yogasanas can help you immensely to cure stomach ailments. All you have to do is to find a calm place in your home,and spend 10 minutes of your time and do the following asanas daily.

UthanapadasanaNaukasana, the bo…

Milk, a Friend or Foe?

Which one do you prefer? Skimmed milk or Whole milk? Before that let me tell you what is skimmed milk and what is whole milk.Whole milk is the milk we get fresh from the cow.It has about 3.6 percent of fat.Where as skimmed milk is the milk in which all the fat is completely removed.

It is better to give whole milk to children, since they are in their growing stage and since they need more Calcium and Vitamins for their bones, teeth and muscles.For the adults, it is always recommended that they use more of skimmed milk than whole milk.But some people tend to hate the taste of skimmed milk. If this is the problem you are facing too, then I will tell you a better method to have milk with lesser fat, which you can easily make at home.

Boil the whole milk in a low flame until you can see a layer of cream forming on top of the milk.At this stage, refrigerate the milk.When it freezes, remove the creamy yellow layer formed at the top and there you get, super skimmed home-made low fat milk de…

Kundalini Energy

Kundalini energy is the natural energy that resides in every individual.

The Five Elements (The Panchamahabhutas)

There are five elements that make up our body.
They are :

1.Prithvi ( Earth )
2.Ap (Water )
3.Thejas ( Fire )
4.Vayu ( Air )
5.Akasha ( Ether ) : The highest and the most eternal.

At the time of birth, the unique combination of these five elements gives the body its form and structure.When we die these five elements are assimilated into the earth, thus completing the natural cycle.These elements are present in each and every object in the universe.

The Five Vayus ( The Vital Forces )

These are the five life sustaining forces in our body. They are the following:

1. Prana : The most important Vayu. This is responsible for the breathing and sustaining heart beats. The seat of Prana is the head.

2.Udana: Responsible for total control and balance of the body. represents the energy required to produce vocal sounds. The seat of Udana is said to be the chest

3.Vyana : This Vayu runs through every single cell of our body.All muscular movements like contractions and relaxations are controlled by Vyana. The seat of Vyana is the heart.

4.Samana : This is responsible for ignition of the agni ( fire )in our body, hence aids in the process of digestion and assimilation of the food we take in.People who practice Yoga with special emphasis on SamanaVayu will be able to see aura (kosha) present around every human being.The seat of Samana is in between the intestines.

5.Apana : Apana Vayu is mainly responsible for cleansing the body, by excretion of waste products from all parts of…

The concept of Aura and its five layers ( Koshas )

Kosha is the covering of our soul or Atman. Just like the layers of tissue covering the onion, our Atman is also covered by layers called Koshas.Being alive is a subjective experience which is determined by our physical, mental and spiritual constitution.Koshas represent all aspects of the process of being alive.Koshas are five in number. They are,

1.Annamaya Kosha ( layer of the physical self, nourished by food)

2.Pranamaya Kosha (layer of the Prana, or air, which is the vital force which drives the body and soul and holds them together )

3.Manomaya Kosha (layer that include panchendriyas which are the five sense organs of taste, touch, sight, sound,and smell as well as the mind which accounts for the process of human behaviour of bondage and liberation.It is subject to most changes, characterized by pain and pleasure, and is the bed of all worldly desires )

4.Vijnanamaya Kosha ( wisdom dependent layer which accounts for our intellect and reasoning along with the five senses of percep…

How long should we do Pranayama?

Do you take any medicines for more than a prescribed period of time?

Pranayama is also a medicine for our body and mind. We should not do Pranayama for many hours continuously.There are specific time period up to which it should be done and may lead to adverse reactions if practiced for longer period of time.

We should practice Pranayama for 30 minutes or for 45 minutes every day to a maximum of one hour.

If you wish to practice Pranayama for half an hour;
then you should devote time for each Pranayama as described below:

2 minutes - Bhastrika Pranayama
2 minutes - Bahya Pranayama
2 minutes - Bhramari Pranayama
2 minutes - Udgeeth Pranayama
2 minutes - Chanting Aum with deep breathing
10 minutes - Anuloma Viloma Pranayama
10 minutes - Kapalabhathi Pranayama

If you wish to practice Pranayama for 45 minutes,
then you have to devote time for each Pranayama as described below:

3 minutes - Bhastrika Pranayama
3 minutes - Bhramari  Pranayama
3 minutes - Bahya Pranayama
3 minutes - Udge…

Mudras of Pranayama

A Mudra is a symbolic spiritual gesture with the body, especially with the hands and fingers.
The following Mudras are usually used in Pranayama

1.Dhyana Mudra ( Chin Mudra ) (Tips of the index finger and thumb touching each other)
2.Vayu Mudra ( index finger folded along the side of the thumb)
3.Shoonya Mudra ( Tips of the middle finger and the thumb touching each other)
4.Prithvi Mudra ( Tips of the ring finger and the thumb touching each other )
5.Varuna Mudra ( Tips of small finger and the thumb touching each other )
6. Shakti Mudra ( Tips of small finger, ring finger and thumb touching each other)
7.Apana Mudra ( Tips of middle finger, ring finger and the thumb touching each other )

You can use any of these Mudras for practicing Pranayama.

Postures of Pranayama

Pranayama can be practiced in the following postures.


Precautions to be taken while doing Asanas

If you have back pain, do not bend forward.
If you are suffering from heart problem or hernia do not bend backward.
While practicing Asanas, whenever you bend forward, you should breathe out. Whenever you bend backward or sideways, you have to breathe in.
When you are in normal position breathing should also be normal.

Precautions to be taken before doing Pranayama

If you are suffering from High BP or Heart problems, do Pranayama without much exertion and by taking small intervals in between each sessions.

If you have pain in the lower back, or if you are suffering from acute Asthma or Ulcerative Colitis, remember not to practice Pranayama with strain.

If you are suffering from Epilepsy, Cancer, Pranayama has to be practiced very slowly.

Expecting mothers should not practice Kapalabhathi and BahyaPranayama.

During menstrual cycle, ladies can practice all other Pranayamas expect Bahya Pranayama.

Pranayama should be done only on empty stomach.

If you want to do Pranayama in the evening, take a gap of 5 hours after meals.

Enrich and Flourish

Our body is called the Kshetra, (the place of worship, like church, mosque or temple) and our soul or Atma is called Kshetrajna ( the one idol which we worship in church , mosque and temple).Hence the temple is our body and the Atma is our idol. And I hope, it is self explanatory.

All we have to do is, take some time from our daily routine and look into ourselves, and experience the power within us. For this, Yoga will help you. It helps you to enjoy the power of your inner self and to discover the god in yourself.


As a matter of fact, this blog is not about any religion. The mantras, the Sanskrit words used in here have nothing to do with Hinduism or any religion for that matter. I believe in the supreme power which lies inside me, my soul,my Atman.