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How Healthy is Instant Noodles for your Kids?

Do you give instant noodles to your kids?
I think most of us do because our kids love it so much.
But we cannot blame our children completely on this, and you know why !;-)

But are we really aware of how bad it is for growing up children?
Here is a list of reasons why you should think twice before giving instant noodles to your kids

1. MSG

MSG is a flavour enhancer found predominantly in processed foods which are known to cause headaches and anxiety. It causes the liver to dysfunction and studies have proven that MSG causes asthmatic responses in adults as well as in children. Children with Asthmatic conditions should completely avoid MSG

2. Refined flour

Instant noodles is a processed food which contains 'maida' or refined flour which has no nutrients and just contains empty calories.

3. Trans-fats

The trans fats which are added at the time of processing are harmful to child's health and also adds extra pounds.

4. Sodium

High sodium levels in the instant noodles act a preserv…

South Indian Non-Veg Diet Plan To Lose Weight

You asked for it, and here it is ! South Indian Non-Veg diet plan for weight loss. As per your requests, I have added more options.This is a non vegetarian diet plan which gives you 1200 Kcal per day. You can lose up to 4 kg per month by following this diet plan if you do not have any medical issues. Also, don't forget to do cardio workouts like walking, running, cycling or swimming for 45 minutes, five times a week.

EARLY MORNING (1 glass luke warm water + 1 tsp seeds) Seeds can be Flax seeds/ Fenugreek seeds/ Safflower seeds/ Sunflower seeds/ Jeera/ Fennel) BREAKFAST (Cereal +Milk + Fruit+ Egg/Chicken) Example:    2 Rava Idli + 1 cup sambar + 1 fruit Options: Cereal ·Option 1:  2 Stuffed Roti / 2 Whole Wheat Wrap (sautéed veggies/ chopped boiled eggs as stuffing) ·Option 2: 2 Idli / Wheat  Puttu/ 2 Rava Dosa /2 Rava Idli (sautéed veggies side dish/ 1 cup sambar) ·Option 3: 1 cup of Veg Poha/ Veg Dalia / Veg Upma ·Option 4: 2 Toast (2 slice Multigrain/ Rye Bread)/ 2 Grilled Sandwich (V…