Are you Depressed?

Feeling of helplessness, hopelessness and worthlessness?

If you think you have these three problems, then you probably have a depressed state of mind. Look at the mirror.Do you see horizontal lines on your forehead irrespective of your age? Angles of your mouth pointing downwards? You are two steps closer to depression. But wait, I have the solution.

Every one of us get sad emotions in our day to day life. This is different from depression which prevails for a longer period of time than the former.These sad emotions can be tackled easily by implementing these changes in your lifestyle.


Exercise is actually a treatment , something like a spa treatment, or rejuvenation therapy, or rather a gift, probably the best gift you can give your mind and body. It can be anything like yoga, skipping, cycling, running, or your favorite sport , or working out at the gym. Exercise triggers the endorphin levels which raises your overall mood, making you feel happier and optimistic about life.So beat the blues and start exercising.

2.Fall in love with your body

If you are in love with your body, you wont overeat and make it ugly, will you? Follow a good diet free from junk foods and calories.Stay away from chocolates,as depressed people tend to eat more chocolates to make themselves feel good. It's only a 'feel good' situation, which does not render you any good actually. For better mental health have a healthy diet with less sugar and fats.This works over a certain period of time and will fetch you long term benefits.

3.Have 7 hours of sleep

Sleep is much more important than what you can possibly think. It is actually a very grave situation to have very less sleep.It has been found that people who sleep well are healthier and happier.7 hours of sleep is a must for preventing depression and many chronic disease.In Yoga, Bhramari Pranayama (5 minutes per day), helps you to get a good sleep. As a simple remedy, take a bath or drink warm milk before going to bed.


Keep your close family relationships closer.Practice give and take policy when it comes to relationships.Be a support to family members and feel happy that you keep them happy.Maintain healthy family relationships for a happier, positive state of mind.

5. Stay away from noise.

Any unwanted , undesirable sound is called noise. Your favorite music can also be a noise if it is kept louder than a certain decibel. Music is found to cure many diseases and has a positive effect on our mind and body.But if the volume is not kept low, it can lead to mental disorders including depression.So next time you hear your favorite music, keep the volume low and peaceful.

5.Say 'Thank You'

It has been found that people who say 'Thank you' and are thankful to others are found to be more happy and than those who don't.Express your gratitude.This gives positive vibrations to the others, who will in turn benefit from your positive vibes.Is there a better feeling than, 'I keep everyone around me happy!'Practice it and you will know the difference for yourself.


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