The concept of Aura and its five layers ( Koshas )

Kosha is the covering of our soul or Atman. Just like the layers of tissue covering the onion, our Atman is also covered by layers called Koshas.Being alive is a subjective experience which is determined by our physical, mental and spiritual constitution.Koshas represent all aspects of the process of being alive.Koshas are five in number. They are,

1.Annamaya Kosha ( layer of the physical self, nourished by food)

2.Pranamaya Kosha (layer of the Prana, or air, which is the vital force which drives the body and soul and holds them together )

3.Manomaya Kosha (layer that include panchendriyas which are the five sense organs of taste, touch, sight, sound,and smell as well as the mind which accounts for the process of human behaviour of bondage and liberation.It is subject to most changes, characterized by pain and pleasure, and is the bed of all worldly desires )

4.Vijnanamaya Kosha ( wisdom dependent layer which accounts for our intellect and reasoning along with the five senses of perception)

5.Anadamaya Kosha ( Bliss dependent layer, this is the innermost of all layers and is the closest to Atman. It functions during sleep mostly when the mind and the five senses are not functioning.)

Out of all these koshas, the one layer which clings together to the Atman is the innermost Anandamaya Kosha. Only a Yogi or a man of immense intellect and spirituality can differentiate between the the koshas and the real Atman.


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