How Healthy is Instant Noodles for your Kids?

Do you give instant noodles to your kids?
I think most of us do because our kids love it so much.
But we cannot blame our children completely on this, and you know why !;-)

But are we really aware of how bad it is for growing up children?
Here is a list of reasons why you should think twice before giving instant noodles to your kids

1. MSG

MSG is a flavour enhancer found predominantly in processed foods which are known to cause headaches and anxiety. It causes the liver to dysfunction and studies have proven that MSG causes asthmatic responses in adults as well as in children. Children with Asthmatic conditions should completely avoid MSG

2. Refined flour

Instant noodles is a processed food which contains 'maida' or refined flour which has no nutrients and just contains empty calories.

3. Trans-fats

The trans fats which are added at the time of processing are harmful to child's health and also adds extra pounds.

4. Sodium

High sodium levels in the instant noodles act a preservative for increasing the shelf-life. It can cause damage to your kid's internal organs.

5. Propylene glycol and other chemicals

Propylene glycol found in instant noodles, if used for long, may lead to slurred speech, heart diseases and kidney diseases.

To top all of these, recent studies have shown that instant noodles may cause psychological changes like violent behaviour, stubbornness, mild guilt, etc in kids
So next time, you kids ask for noodles, you know what to do !;-)

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  1. all the facts are true but how to actually prevent them from eating it altogether? even if adults in the household don't eat it, kids learn at school or from other kids..

    1. Thank u Dr. For this informative article....The nestle product maggi noodles in India will be ban.. As the food dept. Have found traces of mono sodium glutamate and lead in the samples.... and the endorsements have also put actress Madhuri Dixit in trouble for promotions...


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