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Honey When Warmed Turns Poison!

Love your honey lemon tea much?
It's time to rethink!

During my university days, after classes, me with my bunch of girl friends would stop at @fillicafe to chitchat and have our favorite zaafran teas with milk, sugar, and their secret zafran recipe with saffron, cardamom etc (#drooling😋)
While all of us ordered zaafran tea, one of my friends would order lemon tea with honey and mint. I used to tell her the same “dont drink this poison” and she never ordered it again.
During my 5.5 years of university doing BAMS( Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery- yes it IS a helluuva long course) we were taught a million (yes, a million) times about the goodness of pure honey and its various benefits if used both externally and internally.
Externally, warmed honey is used in #vasti - an Ayurvedic detox treatment for cleansing the gut, to alleviate many diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, disc bulge, for pain and inflammation etc.
But internally, Ayurveda warns the use of honey in any he…