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Are You Running Properly?

"I don't have time today", "I will start from tomorrow", are the most common excuses we hear ( and we say!) people saying when they are asked to start exercising. Most of the times, tomorrow never comes. So all you people, brush off all the laziness and kick start a new healthy life from today. In this post, I will give you some useful tips on how to run properly.

Look far. Do not look at your feet

Keep your neck and trunk staright and upright.Do not slouch.

Shoulders should not be stiff, and must be held low.

Allow your fingers to rest on the palm. Do not clench the fists.When you run, the arms should move forwards and backwards, and should not cross.Elbows should be held at 90 degrees.

Keep the knees flexed.Lift your feet only as high as needed.The back leg should ideally be landing below your body. Make sure it does not land in front when you run.Use your calf muscles to propel you against the ground.

6. Most importantly...…