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Solution for Very Dry Skin !!!

Hi friends, Thank you once again for visiting Enrich and Flourish. As a result of constant emails from readers to include more beauty topics and to help them with remedies for common beauty ailments, I have decided to include more posts on beauty and lifestyle. Hence here is my post for people who are struggling with very very dry skin.
We all know the best natural moisturizer for any skin type. Water! Trust me, if you drink lots of water, the next day you can find the difference on your skin. And yes, topical application of moisturizers help to keep skin soft and supple, yet water is the sole winner without competitors. You can also try oils like olive oil or sesame oil ( if you can stand the smell, of course!), but not coconut oil which can make your skin even more dry. For the outgoing women who doesn't want to look all that oily, it is  use a good moisturizer instead of oil. Any moisturizer, which ever brand it may be, works better if you apply it after bath,while the skin is still…