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Water for Weightloss and More

Regular intake of water in the required quantity alleviates the following conditions like dehydration,obesity,urinary problems,skin problems,hair related problems,digestive problems,and many many more diseases.So drinking water is very important to our body since it purifies and rejuvenates every part of the body and flushes out toxins and impurities accumulated in our body.

How to make sure you drink water all day

Keep a bottle of water ( half liter ) by the bed when you go to sleep.Next day, when you wake up make sure you drink the whole half liter of water. It helps in weight loss and detoxification of your body. Always keep your water bottle on your office desk so that you can sip it now and then, and whenever you feel like, all day long. Just like you carry your mobile phone and wallet in your bag, carry a bottle of water in your bag along with you whenever you go out.By doing this, there is no need of anyone to make you remember to drink water. Whenever you workout, play games, ex…

My One Week Detox Plan

I am on a one week detox plan this week. It is quite simple. So I thought I should share with you on my blog. You can also do it starting from tomorrow morning.But before that let me tell you the importance of detoxifying. It flushes out the toxins accumulated in our body due to our lifestyle. It is a 7 day regime.You have to follow some light diet restrictions and should do some detox breathing for 15 minutes every day for 7 days.If you are ready, you can follow these simple steps.

The rules are as follows:
Be a total Vegetarian for a weekQuit smoking.If you are a chain smoker, you should reduce the number of cigarettes per day.Quit drinking.Say No to Tea and CoffeeSay Yes to Fruits, and more fruits and only Fruits and Vegetables if possibleReduce the quantity of meals and avoid snacking in between meals.( Eat only until you feel your stomach is half full.Drink water 1 hour before and after food)Use very less oil and sugarDrink lots and lots of  water.This is the most important stepD…

No Time to Exercise?

Whenever someone comes and asks me how to remain fit and healthy I ask them, how long do you work out or exercise per day. Most often the answer I get from them is " I do not have time for exercise because of my busy schedule". We all are busy and we all have only 24 hours per day! Only 24 hours!! Such a short time. Out of this, it is difficult for most people to find an hour for a fitness workout or exercise! 
Recent studies have found out that Indians are the ones most troubled by career pressures that they can hardly find any time for exercise.
No need to worry, all you busy people. I have listed out five simple ways to help you tackle the problem.I will look forward to your feedback !
Before I start, I would like to ask you to slow down a bit from your busy lives, and find time for friends, family and health. If your career drops, you can look out for a new one, if your lose your friends, no worries, new friends will come,but you can't bargain for a new heart, pancreas…

The Story of Aami

Its been a long while since my last post, so I thought it would be nice if I post something I have never posted in my site before.I have chosen not to post about yoga, weight loss, cholesterol or diabetes, but about a reader of Enrich and Flourish, who went on to become one of my good friends, who wants her story told in my blog.

Her name is Abhirami, people call her with much love, Aami.Aami was just another girl we see around us, homely and happy.As a girl of 20 years, she was very playful and happy most of the time, excepting those times, when she felt lonely. Loneliness was the villain in her life.She could not help being alone, for her circumstances were such.She lived with her grandmother, the only company she had at her home, for her parents were settled in Dubai, and Aami had to complete her Engineering degree which she was pursuing from India.Aami never complained to her parents or to anyone and considered her loneliness as her fate. Sometimes, in the middle of the night she …