Keep the Summer Heat Away with Wheatgrass Juice!

Here is the ultimate summer juice recipe with wheatgrass!

Why wheatgrass?
  • detoxifying
  • nutritious
  • cooling
  • anticarcinogenic
  • high chlorophyll content
  • highly alkaline
  • keeps hormones in check
  • benefits women with hypothyroidism
  • Lowers triglycerides
  • Improves immunity

How does it taste?
Slightly bitter, a little sweet.
(I love bitter taste though. Bitterguard/ Karela/ Pavakka is my favourite vegetable 🤭😃)

What are the ingredients?

  • Carrots - 2
  • Orange - 1
  • Fresh wheatgrass (not powder) - a bunch
  • Cucumber - 1
  • Mint - as per taste
Blend well & enjoy. Do not juice the grass in the blender for a long time as it will oxidize and taste even bitter.
To make it #extraAF, add a piece of Ginger! 🤪


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