Fun Post of the Week !!! Some Mispronunciations !
Today morning I was reading a book on American English compiled by some American Authors describing the commonly mispronounced words in English. I found it very interesting and thought of sharing it with my readers as a fun-post of the week. Hope you will find it interesting too. 
( NB:
I have replaced complicated notations with simple English )
  • MEME
Often mispronounced as Mee-may or Mee-mee 
Correct Pronunciation is Meeem
  • LAVA
Often mispronounced.  
Correct Pronunciation is Laaaava ( with your mouth open ! lol )
  • PASTA 
Often mispronounced.  
Correct Pronunciation is Paaasta
  • AWRY 
Often mispronounced as Awe-ree  
Correct Pronunciation is Awe-raai
Often mispronounced as Epi-tom 
Correct Pronunciation is Epi-temee 
Often mispronounced as Edin-burg 
Correct Pronunciation  Edin-beraah 
Often mispronounced as Ethereal  
Correct Pronunciation is Ethee-real
Often mispronounced as Ver-sails 
Correct Pronunciation is Ver-syls
  • FORTE (something you are good at)
Often mispronounced as For-tay  
Correct Pronunciation is Fortt 
Often mispronounced as paren-thesis
Correct Pronunciation is Paren-thee-sis
Often mispronounced as Crayp  
Correct Pronunciation is Krep !!!
Often mispronounced as Laar-way 
Correct Pronunciation is Laarveeee or Lar-vaai
  • Finally the best one of the lot, ANYWAYS !!!
Often used as Anyways 
Anyway, there is no word called Anyways, only Anyway !!! 


  1. Very interesting read, I found a few words there that I often mispronounce. Anyway(s) the last one was hilarious! :D I am sure to keep this in mind from now on. Many thanks for sharing the list. Enjoyed it. :)

  2. Excellent visual and interesting read!!!

  3. Wow ... thanks for sharing ... I didn't know I pronounced most of these wrongly :-p

  4. Interesting. Thanks for sharing this. I read somewhere about the usage of Anyway so I'm clear about that and as for the rest,I realized I've been mispronouncing most of them :-)


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