Stay Cool Tips for this Summer!

Summer is already around the corner. Going out in the summer is near to impossible, at least in this part of the world where the temperatures has risen to almost 48 degrees. All you can do is stay indoors, indulge in indoor sports, read a book or watch a movie in the coziness of your home. Why not spend some quality time pampering yourself and getting yourself the best and best of all things you can do to stay cool this summer,in and out.
Here are the ways to beat the heat this summer! 
1.Take a shower everyday ! 
Your skin and hair needs a whole lot of care and attention this summer. Grab an aromatic bath oil and pamper yourself with a cool and refreshing bath to start the day. 
2.Sunblock !!!
Invest in a good sunblock with SPF more than 40, and look out for a label that reads "UVA/UVB". This helps you fight all those skin ailments caused by ultraviolet rays. It helps against aging rays and burning rays of the Ultra Violet rays.
3.Have a healthy diet.

Stick on to the golden rule of having small frequent meals and keep the dinner light.
4.Be physically active. 
Go for an indoor sport like squash or badminton.

5.Drink more fluids.
Drink plain water as much as 12 glasses during the day. This helps in hydrating the muscles and skin and thus helps to cool you down internally.
6.Add more fruits and Veggies.
Have more of watermelons, citrus fruits, plum, pears, peaches, etc and have less of mangoes, pineapples and papayas in summer.
Have more salads with lettuce,cucumber and onions.
7.Things to avoid.
Avoid red meat, extreme workouts,cold beverages and ice creams.
8.Keep a cool head!
Last but not least, keep yourself cool and happy.De-stress with Yoga or light meditation. It will help you to keep a cool head and be happy.

Stay Healthy, Be Happy ! With Enrich & Flourish


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