15 Minutes to Healthy Looking Hair

Are you running short on your pocket for high end hair care products, aside form a regular shampoo and conditioner? Are you looking for an at-home hair care regimen for healthy looking hair? I can help you.

You need not invest all your money in fancy hair products to get great hair.Your regular conditioner can work well and more for you, provided you leave it on your hair for an extra 15 minutes.After applying the conditioner all over your hair (avoid the roots and scalp area), cover it up with a shower cap.Do not cover with a towel, as it will take up all the moisture and dry up the conditioner.Allow the product to penetrate well and this helps to re-hydrate the hair.This works as an intensive conditioning treatment for a great looking hair.Repeat this every week.


  1. i will def try this ... thnks !!!


  2. Just what i was looking for! How does one avoid the scalp?! its so difficult!

  3. It's always a pleasure to stroll around here!

    Peace ... harmony ... health ... success ...
    Every day!

    A kiss of Nita.
    Good day ...:)

  4. even i use my regular conditioner for deep conditioner once ina while but i dont use a shower cap..i just tie my hair and leave it as it is..nice post btw :)

  5. ohh.. I think it's very effective. I will try this on my hairs :-)

    Elna from Professional hair-care


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