One Whole Month of Extravaganza

This time,I am not talking about healthy weight loss plans, I am talking about how I went on to spend my vacation in India. There is nothing more pleasing than enjoying the taste of home-made food that too made with so much love and care by your mother's own hands.No wonder why I ate almost 5 full meals a day with intermittent snacking every thirty minutes.During vacation, my days started lazily and happily with whole 8 to 9 hours of sleep.There was no work, no worries, no stress, no exercise, no yoga,and no tennis. My only job was travelling, spending time with friends and family, and having food, food and more food throughout the day.One month passed by so fast that I hardly realized that my vacation was getting over. Today, back at my desk, I feel so bad, not for the food I had eaten, or for the long hours of sleep, but for myself who has become fit to fat just in a matter of 30 days.Yes, I have put on as much as 5 kilos more in just one month.So now its time to go low on calories and concentrate more on healthy workouts.I guess, it's better late than never ! :-)


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