The Story of Aami

Its been a long while since my last post, so I thought it would be nice if I post something I have never posted in my site before.I have chosen not to post about yoga, weight loss, cholesterol or diabetes, but about a reader of Enrich and Flourish, who went on to become one of my good friends, who wants her story told in my blog.

Her name is Abhirami, people call her with much love, Aami.Aami was just another girl we see around us, homely and happy.As a girl of 20 years, she was very playful and happy most of the time, excepting those times, when she felt lonely. Loneliness was the villain in her life.She could not help being alone, for her circumstances were such.She lived with her grandmother, the only company she had at her home, for her parents were settled in Dubai, and Aami had to complete her Engineering degree which she was pursuing from India.Aami never complained to her parents or to anyone and considered her loneliness as her fate. Sometimes, in the middle of the night she would wake up from a bad dream, sceaming.She would run to the room where the grandma sleeps and sleeps with her for the rest of the night, crying and hugging her.She loved her grandma so dearly, yet she felt she was alone, all alone.

Loneliness is something that hooks its head up even when we are surrounded by the nearest and dearest of  all. And yes, loneliness is a hardfact, harder to go through, until we make up our mind and try hard to fight against it, it would not go off that easily.Just like an oldfashioned bubble gum, which cannot be ripped off a wall once it sticks to it.

Even in this era of social networking like Facebook, Twitter, iPads, and Pocket Internet, poeple like Aami, find themselves lonely.She goes to shopping malls all by herslf to help combat the loneliness by being a part of the madding crowd.There also she failed miserably, she felt more lonely in the crowd that at her home.

When Aami came to me to discuss about the problem, she was miserably broken. She felt helpless for the fact that she had no one to speak to.She was ashamed and embarassed to discuss the problem with any of her real life friends.Aami sent me a message on Enrich and Flourish facebook page, also mailed me in the address I had provided in this blog.Thus started our aquaintance and these days, she is happier than ever,satisfied and living a happy life.Thanks to god for giving me a chance to help those in need like Aami.

Loneliness affects more people these days as the world around us is getting narrower by the advancement of technology. "People comes close together in a global village by the advancement of technology" is a statement we see daily in the newspapers and internet, which I think, is actually wrong.These days, people tend to become more individualistic and give lesser importance to family ties and greater importance to material things which do not last long.

A recent study showed that about 78 percent of Indians of the age 60 to 70 feel themselves isolated and lonely.

The risk of loneliness: Unless we deal with the problem of loneliness in the early stages, it is found to have many complications in the psychosocial behaviour of the individual. It can lead to depression and in turn lead to increse in the risk of suicide.The immediate effect of loneliness is actually detachment, a detachment from friends and family. This occurs primarily because they become untrustful of their friends and others.

A recent survey found that only 10 percent of the people who live in joint families develop loneliness than that of nuclear families which accounts to 80 percent of all known cases.

The urge to curb one's loneliness should come from within. The inner strength is all that matters.With the supoport of understanding family members, by active communication, by keeping oneself engaged in some work, regular exercising, etc can help a great deal to combat loneliness.


  1. Interesting read Rekha. Glad to know that you helped a girl who would have otherwise become quite depressed.


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