No Time to Exercise?

Whenever someone comes and asks me how to remain fit and healthy I ask them, how long do you work out or exercise per day. Most often the answer I get from them is " I do not have time for exercise because of my busy schedule". We all are busy and we all have only 24 hours per day! Only 24 hours!! Such a short time. Out of this, it is difficult for most people to find an hour for a fitness workout or exercise! 

Recent studies have found out that Indians are the ones most troubled by career pressures that they can hardly find any time for exercise.

No need to worry, all you busy people. I have listed out five simple ways to help you tackle the problem.I will look forward to your feedback !

Before I start, I would like to ask you to slow down a bit from your busy lives, and find time for friends, family and health. If your career drops, you can look out for a new one, if your lose your friends, no worries, new friends will come,but you can't bargain for a new heart, pancreas, stomach or a new pair of lungs once it has gone forever. So think! What is important to you? Your career or your health? I shall wait until you decide!
                                                             *  *   *  
(Moments later),
So you have finally come to an opinion that your health matters the most than your career.Good start. You are already in the game.
  • When Petrol prices hiked in Germany, they discarded their cars for bicycles.What a healthy replacement !Even if it may seem difficult to some to take the bicycle to work, you can definitely try walking or cycling to the local grocery store or supermarket.
  • Wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual. This can be utilized for doing some light exercises or a short meditation. If you do meditation , it will make you feel energized through out the day. What a way to start the day !
  • If you use a public bus to commute to home from office, you can leave the bus 3 to 4 stops before you actual stop and walk your way to staying healthy. 15 minutes of walk in the evening is a great way to stay healthy. If you use your personal vehicle, don't worry, you can walk a while after lunch with your children or spouse.This gives you time for bonding as well.
  • At work, when you are at the seat you can do Desk yoga, as I call it.Some simple Pranayamas like Bahya Pranayama and Kapalabhathi can be done peacefully at work, without disturbing the others. Make sure your stomach is empty.
  • If you want to make a long conversational phone call, you can utilize the time effectively enough by brisk walking along the corridor while talking.
These ideas have helped me a lot. I hope this will help you too. If you have more ideas please feel free to post them all so that others can benefit from your great ideas.


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