Get More Doing Less

And Yes, I am talking about Yoga.The health benefits of Yoga is above all forms of medicines and I recommend Yoga to most of my patients for most diseases.Most diseases can be cured or symptoms can be subsided just by altering some of the unhealthy habits and daily routines.I have also seen that Yoga works more effectively in Psychosomatic conditions like Psoriasis, anxiety, joint disease,headaches, heartburn, migraines, various skin diseases, high BP, low back pain which are equally related to everyday stress and tension. Yoga helps as a form of psychotherapy in those individuals and acts by soothing and calming down their mental discomfort to a great extent.For those who wish to a life free from any diseases should practice Yoga regularly.Just a 30 minute Yoga session per day with the main 5 Pranayamas and 7 Yogasanas, along with a healthy diet, we can abstain from many diseases and live a long life.That is why it is said about Yoga , that "Get more doing Less."


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