"Don't Drink Milk especially when you have Cough or Cold since it makes Mucous!"???

Really? Is it so? Does drinking milk aggravates cold and cough? Does it makes mucous in plenty, that you get blocked nose and sore throat?
Well, the answer is "No."There is scientific evidence to prove that there is absolutely no relationship between these two. Milk is said to be a complete food, in fact it is, especially for children since it contains calcium and vitamins required for their growth. Milk should be given everyday to children for health and stamina and there is no reason whatsoever to believe that it aggravates cold and cough.


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  2. aah! I am really acting up because of weather change, I think I should drink some mil tonight....


  3. Thankyou Doctor for the service to society....Do advise on the benefits of various alternative milk sourced from cow,goat,camel,buffalo etc if any.Good day.

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