8 Tips for Cooking Healthy Indian Food

Traditional Indian food has more health benefits that most other cuisines because it makes use of whole grains, spices and vegetables, but it should be cooked with the right amount of the right oil.Oil in any form , be it coconut oil, or sunflower oil is harmful for the body.Usage of oil should be cut down as far as possible in the daily diet.Olive oil and Canola oil are said to be safe for the heart, but the real fact is yet to be proven.
I have listed out a few options for making meals tasty and satisfying yet remaining healthy.
  1. Olive oil is found to reduce cholesterol but should be used only for stir frying and pan frying. It is not recommended for deep frying.
  2. Change the menu and cook those dishes and breads that require no frying and lesser amounts of coconut products.
  3. For adding richness to a dish, try using skimmed milk or cashew nuts paste instead of the regular coconut milk or cream.
  4. Using a non-stick cookware can help you to limit the use of oil.
  5. Limit the use of egg yolks.Try to use egg whites for making baked products, which gives the same taste and softness as that of whole eggs.
  6. Steam or Microwave the vegetables instead of boiling.
  7. When using poultry, it is recommended that you de-skin it and remove all the fat that is visible on the surface.
  8. Try grilling, boiling, steaming and baking instead of frying.


  1. Very helpful post. Thank you. I tend to use more oil because I feel it enhances the taste. Guess I will be more careful now!

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