Milk, a Friend or Foe?

Which one do you prefer? Skimmed milk or Whole milk? Before that let me tell you what is skimmed milk and what is whole milk.Whole milk is the milk we get fresh from the cow.It has about 3.6 percent of fat.Where as skimmed milk is the milk in which all the fat is completely removed.

It is better to give whole milk to children, since they are in their growing stage and since they need more Calcium and Vitamins for their bones, teeth and muscles.For the adults, it is always recommended that they use more of skimmed milk than whole milk.But some people tend to hate the taste of skimmed milk. If this is the problem you are facing too, then I will tell you a better method to have milk with lesser fat, which you can easily make at home.

Boil the whole milk in a low flame until you can see a layer of cream forming on top of the milk.At this stage, refrigerate the milk.When it freezes, remove the creamy yellow layer formed at the top and there you get, super skimmed home-made low fat milk devoid of any artificial agents.

I have seen many patients with Osteoporosis, especially women of the age group 40 to 65, drinking lots of milk since they are advised to intake more of Calcium. Calcium depletion is quite a natural phenomenon in women past her forties.But consumption of milk will only worsen the condition, since milk contains more of cholesterol and fat than calcium, which has an adverse effect especially if you have arthritis.Hence I recommend such patients to take calcium rich vegetables like soybeans, soy nuts, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, mustard greens and beans.

Milk is a friend and foe at the same time. Intake only as per the recommended dietary allowance considering your age and physical condition before you sip your cup of milk.


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